Cannabis potentially useful in blocking covid-19 infection.

Right now, everyone is on high alert surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We fell across an interesting article discussing the use of Cannabis in blocking coronavirus receptors.  Alberta researcher, Igor Kovalchuk at the University of Lethbridge has discovered that cannabis extracts (high CBD) are showing potential in growing human resistance to the Coronavirus.  Mr. Kovalchuk’s research has shown that some strains of cannabis have reduced the number of virus receptors by 73 percent!

Continued research shows that the anti-inflammatory property of CBD appears to be critical in reducing virus receptors. Reducing virus receptors results in less chance of being infected, the researcher says. Being as CBD is the medical portion of Cannabis; they focused on the CBD in higher quantities. Taking CBD in higher doses does not generally cause side effects; THC is not being used in this research as strongly as CBD is. The article discusses the use of CBD in the form of mouth wash, gargle, inhalants or gel caps if the studies confirm CBD does reduce the virus receptors. This is cheaper for the population and has fewer side effects with a larger effect on reduction throughout the population.

If this research is proven correct, the amount of people who can be reached may assist the population in reducing the number of virus receptors each person carries in their body, hopefully resulting in a decline of positive cases. Since CBD is so widely available in multiple states, and many have already found medical benefits to its use, the continued use of CBD to potentially limit the virus receptors one carries could be extremely beneficial to the population.

While some may not be willing to take this route, even if proven effective, there may be enough who do to reduce the numbers of people suffering from this pandemic. This is not a lead to a vaccine, but hopefully will become another weapon against Covid-19.

Read the whole article here!

*This article is for informational use only, none of the facts have been reviewed by the CDC or other governmental agency, and is  not intend to advocate for the use of marijuana, THC, or CBD, except as prescribed by a doctor*

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